Software Highlights:
  • Module to record information about the group and its leader, including destination, types of activities included, air itineraries, and room blocks.
  • Information about each individual participant, including specific itinerary, specific activities, special requests, credit card information, and emergency information.
  • Up to 6 customizable fields for each participant.
  • Individual printed itineraries for each participant.
  • 12 specific stock reports and 1 totally customizable report to manage every aspect of your program.
  • All reports can be printed to printer or to file (for manual editing or Email purposes).
  • Multiple styles of stock address labels and name badges.
  • Modules to import and export comma delimited records for communication with other programs.
  • Report listing all open programs in system.
  • Automatic activities and air itineraries which can be applied to every participant.

Have an earlier version of GroupEZ? Users with Version 2.0 or later can download their FREE Version 2.22 and manual. (Note that this download is about 5 megabytes of data and will not run without a previous install.)

Download Setup Version 2.22 of Upgrade (GroupEZ222UpdateSetup.EXE)


Want to try before you buy GroupEZ? You can now download the trial version with 1 program and up to 10 participants. If you want to buy, just order and we'll send a key to unlock the software. (Note that this download is about 19 megabytes of data and includes the manual.)

Download Trial Version 2.22 (GroupEZ222.ZIP)


Download GroupEZ Manual v2.22 (PDF File)

To install your upgrade:

  1. Run the Backup routine in File Maintenance to preserve your current data.

  2. Run the downloaded Setup program, following instructions included.

  3. Run the Restore routine in File Maintenance to reload your current data.