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Latest News:

05/03/12 Fast Fred Pro Version 4.20 now shipping, allows more than 20 horses in a race.

01/15/11 Fast Fred Pro Version 4.18 now shipping, with full support for Windows 7 and 64 bit architecture.

09/01/10 Kanga now has more ways to pay. In addition to Visa and Mastercard, we now accept Paypal and because we process credit cards through Paypal, we also accept American Express and Discover.

11/17/09 Fast Fred Pro Version 4.16 now shipping, to include Bris MultiCap files. TSN is no longer in business, but we still support their files for those with back files. See FAQ for latest updates and patches.

04/29/09 Fast Fred Pro Version 4.14 now shipping, just in time for the Kentucky Derby. See FAQ for latest updates and patches.

08/24/08 Now, you can download and install your software to be up and running sooner. As soon as we confirm your order, you'll receive download instructions via Email. Just click the FREE download button on the order page.

07/12/07 Fast Fred Pro Version 4.12 now shipping. See FAQ for latest updates and patches.

06/11/05 We have verified that Fast Fred PRO 4.0 works fine with the data files published by Post Time Solutions.

03/01/05 Fast Fred PRO 4.0 now available for shipping. See FAQ for significant new features, including historical file of analyses with ability to import results, manual pace line selection, and more. CD required for install, but all future upgrades can be downloaded FREE.

11/04/04 GroupEZ 2.22 now available for shipping. See FAQ for new features. Online download of upgrade for 2.0 and later users.

10/15/03 Fast Fred 3.54 now available for shipping. Same as 3.53 except updated handling of DRF lifetime stats files. 

05/12/03 Kanga now set up to accept customer credit cards. Visa and MasterCard only.

12/22/02 Fast Fred 3.53 now available for shipping. Updates can be downloaded directly and free for 3.50 and later users. Other require the update CD.

10/28/02 GroupEZ 2.0 available for shipping. Windows based update to software first introduced in 1988.