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FAST FRED Professional is a Windows-based software tool developed by KangaGold to save you time and help you make more money in your thoroughbred horse racing handicapping process. Just input past performance files downloaded from Post Time Solutions , Axcis, Bris, TSN, or DRF. Then, run the race card analysis to compute a wide variety of handicapping statistics and predictors according to parameters you select. To finish, just print or review on the screen your choice of DRF-style reports to use in your handicapping.

Let FAST FRED Professional save you hours of calculation time that you can then spend on detailed handicapping.

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You can also purchase FAST FRED Professional from the fine folks at Post Time Solutions. They have carried our software for a number of years and sell a wide variety of software and books on horse racing and handicapping. Be sure to visit their site to see all the products they sell.

Important Disclaimer: Kanga Investments, dba KangaGold Software, makes no warranties, either express or implied, with respect to this software or its fitness for any particular purpose. It is offered here for entertainment purposes only and any other use is not recommended. In addition, KangaGold Software does not warrant the accuracy of the data provided by PTS, AXCIS, BRIS, TSN, or DRF, nor the accuracy of the resulting analysis provided by this software.