Customer Testimonials :

"Just wanted to advise you on my recent victory in a Wagering Contest at using Fast Fred Pro. I bet in 12 races at Santa Anita, Keeneland, and Hawthorne. I had the 40/1 winner in race 9 and the 13/1 winner in race 10 at Keeneland. I had 4 of the 6 winners that were in the mandated races and 2 winners in the other selected races. That 40/1 winner boosted me to the lead. The prize was $2,500.00."
                                          - Darrell Downing, CA

"I was able to load Lone Star this last sat. It picked 5 out of 5 turf races. Meaning: Of the Kanga Power Number; 2 of the three numbers hit for "3 way $1 boxes", 5 out of five. It all paid out $270, minus $30 lost bets. SO ! As Dizzy Dean said: It ain't bragging, if you can do it."
                                          - Mark Cline, OK

"Your product has always been excellent, but you've definitely outdone yourself with your recent upgrades. I especially like the "options on the order to display horses". Your program is without question the best value in horse race handicapping software. It outperforms "fully functioning" demos I've tried that cost 3 or 4 times as much."
                                          - Chris Kindig, CA

"I am enjoying the latest version of FFP and in fact it even suggested a small bet on Saturday, SA, Race 7, PP11 odds 85-1. WOW!"
                                          - Sy Weissbart, CA

"I have to say I love this program. I now use this program exclusively and that is saying a lot since I own and have used everything from Handicappers Magician to Speed Handicapper. The combination of Brohamer, Scott and Holmes can't be beat."
                                          - Jimmie Crabtree, TX

"Fast Fred did it again for me in this year's Kentucky Derby. Funny Cide was simply too much. I had him on top of 12,5,3 & 16. I bet him across the board, I got the exacta and trifecta based strictly on PCL. Nothing is even close to his rating."
                                          - Cesar Soliman, AZ

"I have never experienced better results from any program I have ever used. Fast Fred Pro has become my program of choice." 
                                          - Sheldon Weiner, NY

"Your handicapping sense is simply amazing.  I got caught earlier on the card but I did well on the Preakness using your contenders, especially AP VALENTINE.  I have always liked Point Given and when I saw you liked AP VALENTINE, I bought three exacta tickets and one trifecta with him and Congaree." 
                                          - Cesar Soliman, AZ

"The program is really a gem, and I have tried many others."
                                          - Raymond Farrell, MA

``I'm recommending it to my friends at the track."
                                          - Don Hirons, FL

``My brother asked about the upgrade. I told him you would be sending them out when you felt they were ready.  He is now a Fast Fred believer. With the exception of two horses, all the claims I have made are with the help of Fast Fred PRO."
                                          - Steve Barberino, CT

``Fast Fred is the greatest. The pace figures are great. I am a constant winner. I'd
recommend it to anyone."
                                          - Russell Jessen, CA

"This is a great program, chock full of data. It'll take a week or two to digest it. I'm a big fan."
                                          - Bob Schlensack, IL

``I am going after a two year old at the Fair Grounds tomorrow. HINT: Fast Fred loves this Kentucky-bred."
                                          - Steve Barberino, CT

``Fast Fred saves me much calculation time, with the fps #'s and the performance class ratings."
                                          - Richard Brown, OK

``I am finding this product very useful. It is great."
                                          - Al Caiola, OH

``The biggest single ( and most important ) win I ever had with FFPro was Sarava ; Sarava won the Belmont Stakes in 2002 and paid 143 bucks . Fast Fred picked Sarava as a 7/2 favorite---I couldn't believe it. My friends thought I was nuts ---then thought I was Einstein."
                                          - Brian McGuirk, NY

"Fantastic program... it's a real time saver. I find the work of Voegel, Scott, and Taulbot to be the mainstay of my handicapping. Your program seems to incorporate a lot of that work."
                                          - Tom Gibbons, MA

"I know that every day will not be as good as this. Fast Fred does pick long shots as well as favorites. The long shots will keep all of us on the plus side. Thanks again for the great software."
                                          - Mike Dorn, NY


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