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Congratulations to Darrell Downing (Fast Fred user since 1998) for winning 
the YouBet "Beat the Pro" Challenge on April 21, 2007!


Current FAST FRED PRO analyses for 08/23/2008: 

Detailed - Saratoga (Race 11 - Travers G1)

One-Pager - Saratoga
One-Pager - Saratoga

How has Saturday FREE done on Derby Day?

Derby Day 2006 at Churchill 4 winners using only the Power Number!

CD 05/06, 2nd, 3rd, 8th, 10th races: With 18-1, 3-1, 4-1, & 6-1, yields $70 back on twelve $2 win bets.

See Churchill for 05/06/2006


Derby Day 2007 at Churchill put Street Sense on top!

CD 05/05: At 9-2, Street Sense returns $11.00 on $2.00 bet.

See Churchill for 05/05/2007


Version 4.x now accepts ProCaps files 
in addition to PTS, BRIS, TSN Basic, DRF and Axcis data.

No program offers more calculations to let you choose the data that fits your handicapping style.

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